SpatialOS TwoKinds Online transforms a webcomic into an MMO


Huh, this might be a first for MMORPGs: a webcomic-turned-MMO. What we’re talking about today is TwoKinds Online, a small indie RPG created by two devs working in their off-hours to take the long-running comic and bring it online. The duo said that they were influenced by other sandboxes such as Mabinogi, Star Wars Galaxies, and Ultima Online.

“It brings the world of the comic to life, and you can live a fantasy life,” said Cookie Dragon co-founder Judah Perez. “The game focuses on community interaction, item crafting through minigames, building trade networks, and exploring the world. You leave your legacy by retiring and passing your skills on to a new character.”

Perez said that using SpatialOS to build the game made the project much more manageable for the small team. The project started back in 2017 and is currently working toward a late 2019 release. Recent additions to the MMO include guilds, emotes, an update to the character creator UI, item persistance, and an early version of the questing system.

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