TERA Classic is heading to mobile devices in South Korea over the summer

Pretty, still.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we are TERA, apparently. You see, while the mobile version of the title, TERA M, is running under Netmarble, apparently another mobile title is due out this summer. Dubbed TERA Classic, it is not only distinct from an actual classic version of the game (which, you will recall, was not on mobile devices), it actually is recreating the original game but telling completely different stories with separate progression.

So, yeah, wrap your head around that title. If that sounds like something you would love to play, inconsistent naming schema aside, we’re sorry to inform you that there are no announced plans to bring the title stateside. For the South Korean audience, though, the title is due out from Kakao Games at some point during the summer. Mobile games spinning off of MMOs appear to have gone to some weird places over there.

Source: MMO Culture

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Jack Pipsam

The TERA brand must be huge in Korea for this to be another mobile spin-off :P