Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence kicks off tomorrow with the opening of the Crown of Sorrows and the Menagerie


Magnificent riches await Guardians in the new season of Destiny 2, the Season of Opulence, which kicks off tomorrow, June 4th, with the opening of the Crown of Sorrows raid and the Menagerie six-player activity. Many of the treasures that await players will come courtesy of the Chalice of Opulence, which each player will receive through an introductory questline at the start of the season. Once in possession of their Chalices, players will begin earning runes that they can slot into their Chalices, with the configuration of the slotted runes determining the loot they will receive from a successful Menagerie run. Players can also upgrade the Chalice itself “to acquire a variety of perks with a wide range of effects, from giving [them] more powerful rewards per week to allowing [them] to choose the specific gun and Masterwork stat [they] get from the Menagerie.”

Bungie has also revealed this season’s pinnacle weapons and provided some details on other weapon changes coming with Season of Opulence. The Vanguard pinnacle weapon for the season is the Wendigo-GL3 grenade launcher, whose unique Explosive Light perk increases its blast radius and damage when the wielder picks up an Orb of Light, while Lord Shaxx will be rewarded Crucible contestants with the Revoker sniper rifle, which returns missed shots to its magazine. And for those who fall in with the Drifter, the Gambit pinnacle weapon will be the Hush combat bow, which grants a “massive draw speed bonus” for landing hipfire precision hits.

On top of that, fusion rifles will be receiving a major buff to their PvE performance, while swords are being adjusted to encourage players to mix up light and heavy attacks instead of just spamming heavies. For the full details on these adjustments and information about other changes coming with Season of Opulence, including a full list of all the new content that will be added throughout the season, you can read all about it on the game’s official site.


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