Final Fantasy XI is making Black Mage tweaks in the June version update

Sometimes the game hates you trying to understand it.

No longer will Black Mages be forced to use Merit Points in order to learn the second tier of Ancient Magic spells. That’s one of the big changes coming in the June version update forĀ Final Fantasy XI, which is moving spells like Flare II to scroll form instead of requiring merit expenditure. This will mean adjusting Black Mage merit categories in general, which will ultimately be a net boon for the boomiest of casters.

The update will also bring with it a new high-tier battlefield against Odin, which will likely make good use of the improvements granted to Black Mage; it’ll also bring a new Ambuscade battle against Magic Pots, thus providing all of the magic anyone could ever want from that alone. Check out the full rundown of the changes on the official site, or just wait for a week, as the full update is planned to hit the live servers on June 10th.

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