Mad World debates diving into crowdfunding


Grimdark 2-D MMORPG Mad World has had our attention for a while now with its fantastic visuals and promises of a horror-tinged fantasy land to explore. But could it be made better? And should it tap fans for the funds to make these improvements?

Those are the questions that Jandisoft is mulling over these days. In fact, the studio put the topic to a vote on Twitter, asking fans whether or not a crowdfunding campaign would make sense for the MMO (as of right now, the “yes” votes have a clear majority). It is somewhat unclear what these improvements might be, however.

Mad World recently ran its second alpha test in late May, with the hopes to launch sometime this year. Another alpha test is on the way, so head on over to the website to sign up. And while you’re there, why not check out some of the character lore that the team posted on the forums?

Source: Twitter

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I really don’t know if I’ll be playing it if they don’t do a PvE server option. I’m just not into Open PvP games, no matter how interesting they look to me.


Just watched some gameplay. Looking great! Also the music is outstanding.


Damn I though it was a game based on the movie what a disappointment. :(
Well hopefully it’s still a good game. :)


Oh wow! Memories! First movie I can remember watching with my parents (70’ish, even though it came out in ’63). On our big old black and white piece of furniture :)!


I was in both alphas

Cant say much because its under NDA but my impressions were quite positive, especially for something so early in development. I think crowdfunding mostly can give them some extra playerbase too from the start so I had voted yes since the exposure will help it