Blade & Soul reveals its next major update, Empyrean Shadows


It was only a few weeks ago that Blade & Soul’s Scarlet Tears update went live, but the folks at NCSoft have already announced the next major update for the free-to-play martial-arts MMORPG, Empyrean Shadows. The update will pick up Blade & Soul’s ongoing storyline where it last left off with the addition of Chapter 10: The Gathering Dark.

In addition, the Kung Fu Master and Blade Master classes will both be receiving their third class specializations. With their introductions, Kung Fu Masters will be able to adopt the Way of the Iron Claw, which allows them to “transform into one of three ferocious wolf forms,” while Blade Masters can take up the Way of the Spectral Blade and “[h]one the power of the Divine Realm to sharpen [their] blades and guide [their] strikes against unsuspecting adversaries.”

Empyrean Shadows will also introduce what appears to be a new dungeon or raid, the Warped Citadel. Formerly known as the Empyrean Citadel, the Warped Citadel “has been corrupted by the Dark Chi of the former Prince Sobu,” transforming it into a “nightmarish realm of necromancy where the dead have risen, and the ghosts of the past seek salvation.” It will, of course, be up to players to put an end to the cursed prince before he can spread his corruption farther afield.

And once they’re done saving the world from complete and utter destruction, players will be able to unwind with some leisurely fishing, which will also make its debut in the update. Right now, there’s no word about a release date, but while you’re waiting for more information, you can get your first look at the update in its official reveal trailer just below.