Final Fantasy XIV reminds everyone to head for the Gold Saucer to Make it Rain on Thursday

Si, senor.

If you’re currently knee-deep in the expansion-wait doldrums inĀ Final Fantasy XIV, perhaps gambling to feel a brief thrill will return some of your joie du vivre. And when the annual Make it Rain campaign kicks off on Thursday, there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to the aforementioned gambling. For example, you can dance like a sabotender! But that’s just the big event reward; the Gold Saucer has lots of rewards on deck for everyone.

During the campaign players will get 50% extra MGP from all attractions (so a 4,000 MGP GATE clear will net you 6,000 MGP instead), but if that alone isn’t enough, you’ll also see a discount on several pieces of equipment and cosmetic items. Want to pick up the Gold Saucer GARO gear before that collaboration ends? It’s discounted. Long been looking to grab a Gambler’s Trenchcoat? Discounted. Want to place the minigames like Cuff-a-Cur in your own home? Also discounted! So you win more, you spend less, and through it all you can sport a strange new dance.