LOTRO’s Update 24 arrives with 64-bit client, Vales of Anduin, and virtue revamp


Lord of the Rings Online’s big summer content drop is here with the release of today’s Update 24: Vales of Anduin. Hobbits and other free folk can scurry over to the new high-level zone to rub shoulders with Beornings, Radagast, and great eagles. Wait, do eagles have shoulders?

In addition to the zone and all of the quests therein, Update 24 also adds two more chapters to the Black Book of Mordor epic series, an expanded instance finder panel, the slightly controversial revamp of the virtue system, the “Wit” virtue, and the optional (for now) 64-bit client.

The good folks over at LOTRO Players have compiled a helpful FAQ to get you off to a good start with Update 24, including how to activate your 64-bit client, where to find your screenshots, and how to start on the next leg of your epic story.


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I just updated the client swapped to 64bit and logged in. I have gone from one end of bree and back 6 times without any stutter/ rubber banding!

Yip ee – well happy, I can play lotro again!!!!!!

Amazing, thank you Devs!


We need a “lotro reborn”. While the game world still has its magic and is immersive, the game show its old.

I may play here and there when i wanna relax since i have a lifetime account, but each time i log i cannot go past the old ui, the bad characters and physics/movement.

Fred Douglas

Minas Tirith is now playable with the 64 bit client, which is nice. I used to crash every other zone in. I’ll have to try to level through the Gondor zones again now that it isn’t so choppy.

Melissa McDonald

Hm! I know what I’m doing tonight! I honestly think the game runs well compared to many I have played (Although Gondor is buggy), but hopefully the x64 will please folks.
I wish they’d consolidate servers though. I kind of long for the world to feel busy and populated again. When there are only a dozen people in Bree you know you have a population issue. (Landroval)

Robert Mann

X64 has good reports from testing, but how more people and builds will stress it is always a fun thing to see.

As to consolidation, I don’t think most of the servers are that low. Bree, outside events, tends to be less populated than it used to be… but there’s always people running around almost every zone (at least that I see whenever I poke around, including odd hours).


Try the Legendary servers. It’s LotRO as it used to be. More or less.

Matthew Yetter

I loved the legendary server for a while. As we were waiting for Moria to come out, I spent a lot of time getting deeds and such from Shadows of Angmar content. Then Moria arrived and it took all of about 3 weeks to do as much of its content as I cared to mess with — leaving a good three months to then wait before the next content drop will arrive.

At that point, I went back to Landroval. :-/


I hear the only thing “as it used to be” is content progression. Gameplay mechanics seem to still be as today.


When are you on? Every time I’m in Bree on Landy there’s always dozens of people. I mean it’s to the point where connection slows down there are some many people running around sometimes. They already have consolidated the servers and I think they are good where they are right now. Excited to try the 64 client and see the new virtue system though.