LOTRO’s Update 24 arrives with 64-bit client, Vales of Anduin, and virtue revamp


Lord of the Rings Online’s big summer content drop is here with the release of today’s Update 24: Vales of Anduin. Hobbits and other free folk can scurry over to the new high-level zone to rub shoulders with Beornings, Radagast, and great eagles. Wait, do eagles have shoulders?

In addition to the zone and all of the quests therein, Update 24 also adds two more chapters to the Black Book of Mordor epic series, an expanded instance finder panel, the slightly controversial revamp of the virtue system, the “Wit” virtue, and the optional (for now) 64-bit client.

The good folks over at LOTRO Players have compiled a helpful FAQ to get you off to a good start with Update 24, including how to activate your 64-bit client, where to find your screenshots, and how to start on the next leg of your epic story.

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