Neverwinter’s newest patch adjusts scaling and enemy health

You should be weaker.

Everything you fight in Neverwinter is going to feel a little bit weaker after today’s patch. For starters, the game has reduced enemy health across the board by 10%, including bosses. Enchantments are also less affected by scaling downward, and the item level and stats of both enchantments and runestones have been doubled. Campaign zones no longer scale to item level, most events now scale players to level 40 instead of 60… everything’s gotten tuned down a fair bit.

The patch has also removed character level scaling from several outdoor zones and adjusted scaling in other content to keep things balanced. Combine that with an array of power balance changes and bug fixes and it should feel like the same content is probably just a little smoother to get through. Or perhaps it’ll break some broken tricks you were relying on, we suppose that’s always a real and unwelcome possibility; you can try the update yourself once the servers are back online.

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Castagere Shaikura

If you ask me and I know you didn’t. 10% isn’t enough. When you get to lvl 50 or 60 the mobs just can 2 hit kill you. And I really believe this was done to frustrate you to spend money on items they have in the cash shop. Neverwinter was a fun game till you get to 50 or 60 and now the cap is 80. I really hate PWE. Its why I don’t have high hopes for Torchlight Frontiers.

Dug From The Earth

This game has been a mess ever since their last big rework update, scaling has been a large part of it. Lets hope they helps.

Im curious if this will affect the experience from 1 to 30 for most classes, because as of the rework, many classes have a HELL of a time just getting to 30 without constantly dying and feeling gimpy.


I am not sure why but Cryptic generally had issues implemeting scalling on their games whereas most other games didnt. Was same on Star Trek Online and still cant say its perfect there but they are getting there slowly


Isn’t scaling in Neverwinter recent? Or am i mixing it with DDO? One of those had level scaling introduced recently and a lot of people were unhappy with it.


scaling was added when they bumped the level cap a month or so ago, as to not invalidate all of their previous endgame content