APB Reloaded launches battle royale mode APB RIOT into open beta today [Updated]

APB Reloaded launches battle royale mode APB RIOT into open beta today [Updated]

It’s gonna be a big Wednesday for APB Reloaded: New developer Little Orbit is launching the biggest update the game’s seen since the takeover. MMO players will recall that Little Orbit rescued the game, along with post-apoc MMO sandbox Fallen Earth, when it bought out GamersFirst last year, and it’s been developing both games ever since.

The update includes as its centerpiece the APB RIOT mode, more specifically its live beta, and yes, it’s basically a team-oriented battle royale mode, although the studio doesn’t call it that.

“After nearly a year of development, the highly-anticipated APB RIOT mode will bring a new generation of gameplay to APB Reloaded with its introduction of a team-based collapsing map mode. The Beta will be live for players on PC, and offers players the ability to rank-up to earn free rewards and a new weapon skin. Larger ticket items like the RIOT Pass and the updated reward structures will be introduced with the formal launch of Season 01, but players can jump in now and share their thoughts.”

The game will also see the introduction of a new weapon, a revamped in-game store and cosmetic items, and “Easy Anti-Cheat and server upgrades, giving players a fair and fun game with increased stability and speed.”

Source: Press release, official site
Welp, looks like it’s been delayed. “This morning at 3 am, we got everything staged for all the updates, but during some final testing, we noticed a problem with Easy Anti Cheat,” Little Orbit writes. “The team has spent the last several hours working with Kamu to address it, but I don’t see a quick resolution. All four planned updates are intermingled into the same build, so there is no way for me to break out individual features at this point. […] I have decided to go with Option 3 to delay the launch and make sure we do this correctly.”

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9 inches or D/C

Riot is a waste of time. I bet it’s coming from Reloaded’s “Chaos” mode that was always bad, boring and ugly.
In one year they could give us a whole new district or at least revamp/create new missions, fix current op spots. I can’t imagine playing new mode in same old map that I kept looking at for 7k hours. Thanks but no.


I called this days ago. If it ever makes it to live, I’m betting the anti cheat is either not included or doesn’t work.

This game got “the fun factor” right, but the rampant cheating still going on as of a couple days ago just killed the population.

It’s very close to shut down.


Ohhh. I always loved APB. I put in a lot of time into the game and am eagerly awaiting the engine update. Definitely going to check this out. I haven’t played in awhile.


Warframe has like 200 zones / modes and I liked only one of them (extractors on Hieracon vs infested). Out of thousands Warcraft mods only one became mainstream (DOTA), then it took ~15 years to get another popular mod (AutoChess).

It’s sad how devs think a single mode can make a game interesting / popular.

Bruno Brito

While i do think a BR mode fits APB, christ, i’m quite tired of them.