Crowfall is updating its whole UI to be less flat, and it’s super pretty now


I fully admit to being obsessed with the user interfaces of pretty much everything, from my phone to my PC and of course every game that I play. So Crowfall’s latest dev blog is right up my alley, as it deep-dives some of the major changes en route to the game’s interface as teased last week.

As ArtCraft explains, its early versions focused on an extremely clean and minimalist interface in contrast with the world, but as the game’s development has progressed, the studio has aimed to make the two jibe a bit better, and that’s meant new touches representing the history of the lore, specifically the Stoneborn race and the Dying Worlds ruins – it’s still light and clean, but there are golden Celtic-leaning flourishes and borders now, so instead of flat, simple buttons and windows, there are faint borders and textures that make it look, well, a little more artful.

The studio further digs into the Vessel selection screen’s information-oriented revamp, tweaks to the World selection panel, and the Faction selection window, which I first read as Fashion and am now slightly disappointed about.

“Our user interface journey in the Lobby will spill into the HUD and in-game menus soon,” the studio says.

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Is this gonna come out before I die?


18 more months….as always


First thought: “It’s Destiny”.

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agemyth 😩

Knee-jerk reaction is “Oh, so they played Destiny as well”, but I’m not familiar enough with the nitty gritty of Crowfall. Is it “simple” enough to have a TV friendly UI with big text and buttons like that? (Simple in this case doesn’t have to mean dumbed down. I mean simply that the screen doesn’t seemed filled with tiny clickable icons and text like a lot of games.)

Are they aspiring to release on consoles in the future?


“Are they aspiring to release on consoles in the future?”
Exactly what I thought, but I’ll be less polite: the ESO interface is/was a shitshow, and the ES series of games – due primarily to their ‘need’ to be usable for consoles – was infamous for how terrible it was. Generally the first mod anyone on a PC installed was something to improve the UI.
Yes, consoles are like little, single focus computers. They’re both “computer games”. But that doesn’t mean their UIs can be anything alike – either a PC UI on a console will be nearly unusable, or a console UI on a PC significantly hurts gameplay by crippling utility.


Dragon Whimsy

I disagree. It’s all in the implementation. The Destiny style interface is perfectly fine on PC or console. Where the ESO/Elder Scrolls interface is terrible on both PC AND console. It’s just a horrible interface in general.