Indie MMO ‘spaceship design game’ Exocraft ports from PC to mobile today


Exocraft caught my eye earlier this year chiefly because I cannot stay away from these retro games with colorways that just glow right off the screen. Developer GoldFire Studios has called it a “massively multiplayer action strategy” title and a “massively multiplayer spaceship design game,” and as we noted back then, the hook is that you’re running a space mining fleet through which you design ships and run a crew as you fight and harvest resources or participate in competitive modes.

Anyhow, the game launched for PC on Steam a few months back, and today, it’s launching on Android and iOS too. It’s free-to-play, mind you, though many of the newer reviews complain about IAPs.

“Set on a dying alien world, Exocraft places you in command of your very own space mining fleet. Design custom spacecraft, manage your crew members and wield the elemental powers of your army of worker drones to defeat the ancient guardians that litter the landscape. Engage in action-packed battles and use your strategy and skills to conquer the richest resource deposits throughout this dynamic massively multiplayer world.”

Want to see it up close? We streamed the game when it hit Steam in March!

Source: Press release
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Hmm, weird, back when I tried it, due to how menus are etc I thought it was a port from phones to PC, not the opposite. Its not bad to waste some time on but lacks depth. I would rather place Star Sonata for a 2.5D overhead space game with depth(wingmen, classes, basebuilding, crafting, more complex fitting, dungeon galaxies etc)