Outlaws of the Old West brings a taxidermist and a slew of bug fixes


Varmints. Critters. Animals. They’re going to cross your path and run in to your bullets out there in the survival MMO wilds of Outlaws of the Old West, and you’ve probably looted their materials out of that deep-seeded MMO players’ compulsion to do so. If your inventory is packed full of pelts for no other reason than digital hoarding, the latest update has a vendor just for you.

A new taxidermist NPC is now in the game, which will happily purchase those pelts from you as well as sell you Taxidermy. As far as content goes, that’s about it; the rest of the update mostly fixates on a wide swath of bug fixes. Among these fixes are ones for opening the salvage UI, chat not receiving messages when in keyboard focus, a potential damage hack on the sledge hammer, and the damage of crazed miner dynamite. Really, nerfs to any crazed miner is a good thing.

Of course, there is a lot more than just those fixes and adjustments, so get you an eyeful of patch notes for the complete details.

source: Steam
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