Blade & Soul previews the item changes arriving with its next major patch


When the next majorĀ Blade & Soul patch arrives on June 19th, Skyforge and Shadowforge weapons are getting cheaper to upgrade, so players getting ready for the upgrade might want to hold off for a little while longer until the costs get cheaper. Of course, the patch is also introducing the new Thornbreaker weapon, along with a new type of belt with two upgrade tracks and new souls for upgrade purposes. Your max-level character is going to get that much more powerful with the changes.

For that matter, challenges alone will be helping for max-level character more; the rewards for daily and weekly challenges are getting improved to reflect the fact that most players do already have max-level characters kicking around, and there are also special bonuses for players who complete multiple challenges in a given time period. Hooray for better rewards! Although you’ll have to wait a little longer for the full patch notes.

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