Bless Online’s Japanese server is sunsetting in August


It looks like yet another version of Bless Online is calling it quits, as the Japanese server admins announced yesterday it’ll close down that region’s server in August.

Here’s the translated version of the email blast from the Bless Reddit, as the Japanese site hasn’t been loading properly since yesterday:

“Thank you for your continued patronage of BLESS. Thank you for your patronage, BLESS, but due to various circumstances, The service will be ended on August 8, 2019 (Thu). To all of you who supported BLESS so far, We deeply apologize for this kind of guidance.”

It sounds as if existing players will be granted some sort of “useful items” on July 10th, with the game’s final day being August 8th.

MMO players will recall that in September of last year, Neowiz announced it was shutting down the remaining Korean servers; at the time, the company told us that Korean players would be able to play the western version on Steam and that it was focusing all of its dev resources on the Steam version. However, that version has been in decline since last summer; according to Steam Charts, it’s peaked at under 500 players in the last month, down from 27,000 at launch.

Indeed, we haven’t had much news out of Bless since April, when the Neowiz Bless Studio was merged back into parent company Neowiz, which itself is separately still working on the reimagining of Bless for Xbox One as Bless Unleashed alongside Bandai Namco.


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Time for them to launch in a new region. Antarctica maybe, or perhaps Greenland.



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