Star Trek Online brings back Operation Riposte, the Crystalline Entity, and lets you earn a free T6 ship


Whether you like firing your lasers at a malevolent crystal snowflake or liberating a planet from Klingon oppressors, the most recent patch to Star Trek Online has something for you. A couple of Task Force Operations are making their way back, and there’s even a little extra incentive to participate on a daily basis if you’re so inclined.

The Crystalline Cataclysm and Operation Riposte TFOs will be back online starting today and will run for three weeks. Taking out the Crystalline Entity 14 times will grant you a new Black Ops Mine Launcher weapon, some Dilithium, and three Featured TFO Reward Boxes, while 14 clears of Operation Riposte gets you a Console – Universal – Priors World Elite Defense Satellite that lets you call in a stationary weapons platform to the field, along with Dilithium and the same three Reward Boxes.

The latest patch will also let players work their way to a free T6 ship from the Zen Store. Participating in the Featured TFO Event every day will net you Coupon Progress Tokens, which can eventually be redeemed for any T6 ship you desire. Players can earn these Tokens from now until the fall of 2019.

There’s also changes to Event Reputation Projects and several other in-game matters, so make sure you get all the details in the patch notes or on this page for Operation Riposte.

source: official site (1, 2)
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I am at 1950/3000 coupons now, maybe I will complete it within this Featured TFO window taking into account the bonus progress weekend