The Daily Grind: What serves as your biggest MMO currency sink?


I don’t really devote a lot of effort in Final Fantasy XIV into making money, but I also sort of don’t need to. The game’s biggest currency sinks are teleportation, repairs, and socketing materia; having lots of aetheryte tickets negates the first, and maxing all my crafts negates the second two. A lot of the game’s intended currency sinks just don’t actually hit me, which means that my money just steadily accumulates, in contrast to what currency sinks are actually intended to do.

Of course, every game has some way of sucking away some of your hard-earned money. World of Warcraft has mounts and repairs and vendor-bought crafting items to take away your gold, Star Wars: The Old Republic has plenty of small ways to leech your credits, and The Elder Scrolls Online has guards catching you and forcing you to pay a bounty after you keep pickpocketing people for no reason other than you can. (That one might just be me.) So what serves as your biggest MMO currency sink? Of all the ways the game tries to reduce your cash on hand, which one actually pulls most of your money?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Yeah, in Neverwinter it’s the 3.50 every time you pop a stone out of a socket. This can be a problem when you’re an altoholic. :D


Never seen one that worked until archeage, with paying for a chance to upgrade items. For other games I just skipped the currency sinks (wow I just used free gear. UO I used cheap/free gear picked up or crafted.


Level cap enhancements in CoH. Sure, we get a lot of cash on the way to 50 but I’m generally wanting to switch and play an alt up to 50 and then another. And the level 50 IO enhancements are stupidly expensive.

Kickstarter Donor

Auction Houses because apparently everyone things every bit of junk they find is worth millions based purely on the fact that someone else has listed THIER junk for millions only…

The old routine of an AH’s prices starting off sensible and then because of ill informed greedy players and gold sellers the prices for everything get ridiculous.

Just because something is listed for a ridiculous price does not equate to the item being sold being worth that ridiculous price. The only thing that matters in equating value is SALES.. how much is it ACTUALLY selling for… lol

Auction Houses are a giant cash sink but I refuse to pay stupid prices for things as it just enables and encourages the stupidly greedy.


In GW2, I try to keep around 5k cash, and when I get an extra 250-300, I’ll buy some gems.


Usually it’s repairs due to being unavoidable, and also because I tend to be always pushing the limits of what I can do without dying; I often say that if I’m not dying at least a couple times per hour, then I’m likely bored out of my mind with the game.

There are other things that might become sinks for me, such as teleporting around and respeccing, if not for a little snag: I find unlimited access to those things so important that if they rise to become my main gold sinks in a game I tend to stop playing the game out of frustration.

Rheem Octuris

Ironically as a lowbie in FFXIV I’m having a hard time keeping money in my pockets. A lot of that is trying to raise my crafters, and what seems like the low quest payouts at level 50 vs an inflated market.


WoW-tokens. Pays my sub, as well as cash shop $ for things like expacs, mounts, etc. ESO definitely housing ( before housing, it was my lazy butt teleporting all over – why bother running to that shrine, adds up quickly ;) )


ArcheAge… and its not just virtual currency either


I always feel like I’m poor in GW2.

Bruno Brito

Considering how fluctuating the economy is on that game…i don’t blame you.