H1Z1 launches season 4 as Daybreak says it’s ‘not ready to call it quits’ on Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 launches season 4 as Daybreak says it’s ‘not ready to call it quits’ on Z1 Battle Royale

Z1 Battle Royale – the PC game once known as H1Z1 – has had a rough year or two, losing most of its playerbase, suffering a leadership reshuffle and layoffs, being sent back to Daybreak from NantG, and closing down some of its servers and events. But now Daybreak’s posted a Steam letter updating players on the state of the game. The company seems aware that rescuing the game poses “challenges [that] are real and significant,” but declares that it’s “not ready to call it quits.”

“We know as well as anybody how much the landscape for battle royale has changed over that time; but we still believe there is a special something to H1’s unique flavor of no-frills BR.”

The studio suggests it won’t be altering Z1BR’s core mechanics but will be borrowing heavily from the game’s now-more-successful PS4 version’s wealth of content to flesh out the PC version. Past season 4, Daybreak is already looking ahead to season 5 and the Outland map.

Meanwhile, over in the PS4 H1Z1, Daybreak has kicked off Season 4, with six new arcade modes, “the introduction of the Third Person ADS aiming mechanic to all game modes,” the new Season Rewards system, new lootboxes with complete outfits, and miscellaneous bug fixes and quality-of-life tweaks.

Source: Z1BR, H1Z1

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No frills. Apt description.

Sarah Cushaway

I think they know once this game is gone, it’s probably lights out for all their games as they’re just not making enough income any more.

Kickstarter Donor

I don’t know whether to cheer them on for sticking with a game they believe in and trying to make it a success or to facepalm because they sure look like they’re falling into the sunk cost fallacy trap.