Mad World’s alpha footage features hungry frogs and players freaking out over cheese


Even as Diablo-clone Mad World debates whether or not to dip its toes into crowdfunding, the action MMORPG is chugging along in its alpha testing. The recently finished Alpha 1 test produced a lot of useful feedback for the developers — and interesting footage for us.

The team put together a 48-second montage to show some of the combat, quests, and socialization that took place during the test. It’s hard to understand a lot of this out of context, but you can clearly see some giant boss mobs, player pets, shots of the interface, and a group freakout over cheese.

Mad World has another alpha test on the way, but for now, you can watch this video below.

Source: Twitter

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This one has an NDA so testers can’t say much if they respect that kind of thing. I just have a twinge of hope that they may consider having two worlds, a PvE and PvP one. Currently they have a PvP world and I haven’t read anything about them possibly doing a PvE one but I do hope they consider it.

What I don’t get is when a game refuses to do a PvE world because too many people go to play on the PvE server. To me that seems like it is telling the Devs how most of the people want to play their game and how people would be more happy and stick around to play if they had both PvE and PvP. Instead they just usually worry about having enough people on the PvP server for the PKers to get to kill and think the PvE people will just deal with it.

If they are confident enough that people want to play the game as a full PvP game, wouldn’t there be enough people for both PvE and PvP servers? Maybe they should open up both during testing and see what would happen.

I guess I should look into it a bit more, just I hadn’t heard anything about a PvE server so I just am assuming they’re only going to have the PvP side right? I don’t really know, maybe that isn’t even totally decided yet. I should probably get into the Discord and find this stuff out.


Aww come on MassivelyOP, why do you have to open the article with “Diablo-clone”?

OK it’s isometric ARPG, but I think considering Mad World’s artistic originality it’s unfair to the developer team to oversimplify it that way. IMHO gaming journalism has a responsibility to educate readers to appreciate such artistic expression.

In any case, the game looks good and adopts a style that not many games have. Wishing the best for the developers.


It will be coming out of NDA next alpha test too