Worlds Adrift is launching one last patch and character wipe before it sunsets in July

For a given definition of drift.

Among the sadder bits of news we’ve covered in the last few weeks – maybe even the whole spring season – was the news that Worlds Adrift is planning a sunset this summer. Since the announcement, Bossa Studios hasn’t said much on social media to players apart from retweeting player farewell messages; in fact, even the official forum is all but dead and doesn’t even bear the sunset announcement (which to be fair was already super detailed).

But that doesn’t mean Bossa is entirely finished, as today the company announced it has one last patch in store for its community. “Update 31 (the final update) will be released next week. This Update will include a wipe of your characters. If you want to preserve memories of your current gear / ship, please make sure you do so over the weekend,” the studio tweeted this afternoon. “We’ll also be releasing details about the schedule for the End of the World event next week too!”

Patch notes have likewise been posted to Reddit; in addition to the wipe, the update introduces 20 legendary engines, territory control tweaks, ship blueprint and parts adjustments, and a round of balance touches.

The game stays up until some point in July; we assume we’ll be getting the final date next week as suggested.

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It seems to me that wiping people’s progress a few weeks before you shut down the game is the sort of decision that is indicative of why the game is shutting down in the first place… If I were playing, I’d consider this insult atop injury.


I wonder if anyone has had enough time to start getting an emulator for it built. I had planned to play this once it launched, and likely would have sooner if not for needing a PC upgrade. Really sad it’s shutting down as it seems like such a brilliant concept.

Nynja Squirrelle

I wish it was continuing too – but you can’t ’emulate’ this, it needs a SpatialOS environment to run on…


A lot of cool ideas but this was very much a make your own fun sort of game and building ships where you cared about how they looked was very frustrating. Still I’m surprised that they wont at least keep it up for the whole summer.