Check out RuneScape’s upcoming banking revamp in the latest preview video


Last month, the folks at Jagex released a dev blog previewing many of the changes and improvements planned for RuneScape’s massive upcoming Bank Rework, which includes the oft-requested placeholder system. As any MMO hoarder can tell you, storage-space organization is key in keeping all of your gear, materials, and assorted knicknacks in some semblance of order, but with RuneScape’s current banking system, all that organizational work can quickly be thrown into disarray when items are withdrawn. With placeholders, however, when the last item in a stack is withdrawn, a placeholder for the item will remain in the bank, putting a stop to any “unwanted shuffling,” as the devs put it, and allowing players to quickly and easily deposit those items back into the same spot at a later date.

The dev blog also outlined myriad other changes, including the addition of six more bank tabs (for a total of 15), and on a recent preview livestream, RuneScape’s Mod Shauny showed off the current iteration of the new bank interface, highlighting just how much has changed since the initial dev blog went live. On top of the additional bank tabs, players will also be receiving a whole bunch more bank slots (bringing them up to a total of 1,320), and the UI panel has been updated to consolidate some of the bank panel’s buttons and other elements to streamline the interface and make it easier to navigate and use. The changes are pretty extensive, so if you want to check them all out for yourself, you can follow Mod Shauny on his guided tour in the full RuneScape preview video just below.