City of Titans previews its evolving UI, Valiance Online teases building updates


Got superhero MMOs on the brain? Me too for some strange reason lately. Welp, feast your eyes on two updates from a pair of the City of Heroes spiritual successors.

Missing Worlds Media has posted up a dev blog focusing on City of Titans’ evolving user interface. “Our predecessor in the superhero MMO genre set a high bar for UI,” the studio writes. “Minimal, graceful, with menus sprinked wherever they made the most sense instead of in single menu-dedicated clumps. It’s been a lot to live up to, and the evolution of the UI towards that point has gone in unexpected directions at times and changed hands several times as well. But just like in everything else, it’s been City of Titans’ ambition to meet and surpass the old standards in our own ways; recognizable in inspiration yet in no way derivative.”

Meanwhile, Valiance Online rolled out multiple internal updates this week, many of them environment, sky, and structure adjustments. “*hint for incoming updates* Buildings,” the group’s Twitter teases.


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chriskovo .

Dont you thinkt he release of the COH severs and code will meant he death of these projects?

CW Eckert

Absolutely not. It is to my best working knowledge that the private server project has not hindered SEGS, City of Titans, Ship of Heroes or other developments in the pipeline. If anything, it has reinvigorated a languished community.

The private server project is exciting, but the community’s goals have evolved since the shutdown from simply trying to revive the game to building on its lessons and creating successors to existing infrastructure, technology or gameplay. They’re important for our longevity.

Mike Minier

I’ve been playing City of Heroes nonstop for the past several weeks. It’s like finally getting your junkie fix after having none for years. Can’t wait for the new ones!


Nuff said!