MMO Week in Review: Big expansions for Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert, and Path of Exile


The week or two before E3 is usually dodgy: Sometimes, studios hold all their news for the show. Other times, they’re in a rush to get everything out ahead of time. It’s been a bit of the latter this year, as we got big announcements from Black Desert (new expansion! new class) and Elder Scrolls Online (13.5 registered players!). Plus, Path of Exile and Elder Scrolls Online launched big expansions, Google Stadia dropped pricing info, and Bless Online is calling it quits. Plus, we’re expecting more ESO goodies tonight from BE3.

Finally, we’d like to thank MOP reader François, who whipped up this gorgeous MOP logo in honor of Pride.

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Matthäus Wey

Did eso launch a big expansion tho? I mean playing through the map was really fun and all but it lasted for about 4 days until I was done with the map completion and besides that there isn’t really that much content.