The Daily Grind: Which non-MMORPG would you like to see expand into one?


It’s common knowledge at this point that Overwatch is in small part salvaged from Blizzard’s never-actually-made second MMORPG, although just how much of the game is related to Project Titan is a source for endless speculation (usually played in service of “this hypothetical never-played game would be so much better and I never have to check that against a real game”). But then, the core of this site is writers who are naturally drawn to MMORPGs, first and foremost, so it’s not exactly a revelation to say that both we and our readers would enjoy having a new MMORPG to play around with.

At the same time, there are other games that may have never been even planned for that treatment that people have expressed interest in. Lots of people were excited about the prospect of a League of Legends-based MMORPG, for example. A fan-made mod for StarCraft II got everyone excited about the prospect of that as an MMORPG. And that’s not even counting games like Warframe slowly turning into full-featured MMORPGs with more content upgrades. So which non-MMORPG MMO on the market would you like to see expand into a proper MMORPG?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Cyberpunk or if I have to use a backup, Cyberpunk. I have my own idea to make a Highlander mmo, but it pales in comparison to a Cyberpunk mmo, hopefully the single player Cyberpunk 2077 will sell well enough to get some people thinking.

Dilly Dolly

I suddenly thought of Fate series.

Кристалл Величия

It would be great to have Divinity Orignal Sin and Tyranny as MMO’s *_* pls

Joe Seabreeze

Kingdom Come: Deliverance. No magic or anything like that. Just roleplaying (i.e. player-driven stories).

Robert Mann

I… am torn on this question. Games tend to not be the same between what is and an MMO adaptation.

Given the choice of one? Maybe Thea/Thea2? A mixture of methods for solving things beyond combat, plus crafting that changes results based on your choice of materials sounds like it could be a decent MMO still, it all depends on if the development was too lazy and just went with the same old MMO stuff…


In years past I would have said Fallout, but with what Bethesda’s been doing lately…. no. Now I’m just disappointed :(

In terms of IP franchises – I might look at a Mass Effect IP, if it managed to retain the open feel of the single player games. The Witcher would be a good choice too as others have mentioned. A really well-done Shadowrun MMO would be amazing. And then there’s a ton of other single-player RPGs with IP that could easily support an MMO.

That said, I’m also a huge fan of brand NEW worlds to explore. So I don’t mind if none of them cross over. If we get really good MMORPGs, regardless of the setting, I’ll probably try them out.


Any of the arpgs, keep it isometric/2.5d and make a virtual world, co-op with roles.
Of course it has to be more than just the usual f2pshop, story driven themepark, shallow game.. it will need depth and advanced long term systems. And let the others make pvp games, we need that pve sandbox so this sad genre can move on to next gen.

Roger Melly

Mass Effect was the first one that sprang to mind followed by the Witcher .

In literature I would love to see Discworld and Harry Potter Wizarding World mmo’s .


we have already more MMOs then we can ever play. I would rather like if MMOs get singleplayer game spinoffs


There are single player games which I dearly love, but fear they would not work the same way as a massively multiplayer.

Grim Dawn is such a game. Playing solo it is just me and my desire to try out builds off the trodden path. As an MMO, the minmaxer meta evangelists would quickly destroy this fun for me.

But luckily I have the single player game ;)