Camelot Unchained works on class-testing ‘fun’ balancing and flaming-cow chucking


Camelot Unchained didn’t run a weekend test this past weekend thanks to issues with its software upgrading, which might be for the best since E3 tends to dominate gamer attention anyway. But City State Entertainment does say it got plenty of other things done last week, including work on the NavMesh, VFX, moving siege engines (so you can eventually drive ’em around), class balancing passes “to improve the overall fun,” the UI, mage armor, icons, nameplates, ability prediction, battering rams, and multiple animation sets.

Incidentally, the image up above was passed along to us by CSE, and if you squint, you can just barely see that those flaming objects being hurled from catapults are… cows. Flaming cows. That’d be the whole “new siege engines” stuff from the newsletter.

“With an initial rigging pass and animation completed on the corpse chuckers and smoke mortars, Anthony has started work on their abilities. We can’t wait to see a bloated cow carcass fly through a cloud of smoke and go splat on some poor soul!”

CSE’s Mark Jacobs stars in the game’s latest Q&A video, which also boasts the best video thumbnail of a dev in 2019 for sure.


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