EverQuest II celebrates Oceansfull across the waters of the world


Ready for a shocking revelation about EverQuest II? There’s water in the game. A fair amount of water, even! Players can even celebrate the presence and abundance of water with the Oceansfull event, running until June 18th anywhere players can find water. From Obulus Frontier to the Greater Faydark, if there’s a nice big body of water, you can celebrate the event by picking up clams and prying them open to see what treasures lay within. (Other than, you know, a clam.)

As it happens, though, Greater Faydark and The Commons are also home to some threats washing ashore along with all of the prize-filled clams, so players who want to celebrate by clearing away obstacles ought to head to those zones specifically. There’s also an event collection, a title, and various new items available by peering into clams, so get yourself dressed in your best water-themed regalia and start celebrating the bounty of the sea.

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100+ clams later, You can get a nice recipe book with new blocks. ;)


Hey, the starting area/island has a quest going underwater.

We should send Eliot to 5h mandatory EQ2 gaming for not knowing this :p