E3 2019: Woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis is set to launch in September


Back in January, we covered a brand-new survival MMO dubbed Last Oasis, said by developer Donkey Crew to be a “post-apocalyptic clan-based nomadic survival MMO” that “combines a global player driven economy, an innovative vehicle system as well as complex combat and war mechanics, all working at an MMO scale.”

At the time, early access was slated for spring, and as of today’s PC Gaming Show at E3, we learned the full launch is coming September 3rd. (There seems to be some confusion about the formal dates, so we’ll update when the developer clarifies it.)

The idea is still that players are nomads roaming the devastated landscape in giant woodpunk machines trying to harvest enough stuff to build a base and stay alive – oh yeah, and beating up anybody else they spy trying to do the same thing atop enemy woodpunk machines.┬áCheck out the new E3 trailer!

Source: Polygon
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