E3 2019: The Division 2 heads back to New York for third DLC, plus Uplay and movie updates

Forget it, back to the last place.

It seems a little odd that The Division 2 sends us down to Washington, DC when our actual main antagonist heads right back to the setting of its predecessor, doesn’t it? “Welcome to Washington, the big bad is hanging out back in New York again.” Good news, then, because players will be tracking that big bad down with the release of the game’s third bit of DLC that sees a return to New York. Hey, hunting down evil masterminds takes some legwork.

Meanwhile, fans of Ubisoft’s overall output will be happy to know that the company is launching a Uplay subscription service, allowing free access to a large number of Ubisoft titles for $15 per month and all of the associated DLC included with those titles. This will be available on the Stadia next year as well, ensuring that you can have a subscription service on the cloud-based console if you’re so inclined. And speaking of things you pay money for, it turns out that Netflix is going to be hosting the movie based on The Division with Jake Gyllenhal and Jessica Chastain, although there have as of yet been no dates given for production.

Source: Polygon (1, 2), Gamasutra
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While Div2 is excellent, I feel it misses the despair & irony of a dead winter New York. Division1’s ambiance was unparalleled.

Randy Savage

I don’t care about New York all that much but the National Zoo and the Pentagon look like fun. Now if only they could pull their head out of their asses and offer a matchmaking mode for their raids. I have no interest in joining a clan. Unlike most gamers, I actually have a life so I’m not going to move my real life schedule around to accommodate a guild’s raid schedule. I did that enough in Warcraft when my priorities were still messed up. Never again.


Oh, btw. I’m really looking forward to The Division as a Netflix movie. It sounds like they are not skimping in B movie territory. I hope it is done right and a huge success.


Heh. The only thing wrong with the Uplay sub service is that it is Uplay. lol.

Their library of games will be great of us PC people. A great value if it includes new releases. Much better than Microsofts to be sure.

But… Uplay has always been a bug ridden mess for me. And how many subs am I willing to carry in a given year? A question I have yet to answer.

Nick // Genghis

Agreed, all this fragmented-ness of launchers, services, and devices is a bit overbearing at times. I subbed for like 3-4 months got my fill of BFV, Anthem, and a few other EA/Origin titles then unsubbed. I’ll resub when the BFV map stuff drops in July I’m certain. I’ve started to look at it as time-oriented/content update Games as Services rather than just something I get a full year of since you get entire catalogs now. If I get the itch, I can throw another $15 which is basically the value of a lunch for any given day and that gives me a full 30 days of whatever I want to experience.

I’m looking forward to all the Div2 stuff simply because I actually own it and keep tabs on it actively and one of my favorite looter shooters ever. The other stuff is pretty meh, but I did really enjoy the Siege free weekend with a buddy who was also fresh to it, I’m enjoying the Roller Champ demo, and just beat WD2 which was a great experience and much better than WD1. I signed up for the free Sept Uplay+ on their website to check it out when it launches in the Fall.