Guild Wars 2’s Key of Ahdashim raid is now live in the game’s latest update

Guild Wars 2 has just pushed out the next big thing for raiders: The Key of Ahdashim raid is now live.

“The raid takes place immediately following the events of the Mythwright Gambit raid, in which players stepped inside the Mystic Forge to help Zommoros beat back his djinn rival. Now, Qadim has invaded the djinn’s home city of Ahdashim, determined to hijack its mythical power and place himself above all other djinn. Should he succeed, Ahdashim will become a black hole of magical corruption, infecting every djinn alive — and through them the natural world itself.”

Also live today is the promised temporary open-world event, which asks players to pursue bosses for Condensed Ley-Line Essence items to exchange for Shiny and Ultra Shiny skritt weapons.

“The Mystic Forge skritt want to help defeat Qadim by providing adventurers with new ‘shinies,’ helping them look their best while battling this dangerous foe. Of course, nothing in life is ever free. Qadim’s destabilization of magic has resulted in daily ley-line nodes briefly forming near the remnants of world bosses. Gather condensed ley-line essence from these nodes, along with a few other materials, and combine them in the Mystic Forge to create these shiny new weapons.”

Can we root for the skritt on this one? That event runs through June 25th. There are a few other bug fixes rolling in today too.

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There’s new stuff in the cash shop today too, including a reskin for the Skyscale.

Source: Patch notes
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Still no Storymode, still not interested, wallet is still closed ANet.


I don’t understand this, we literally just had a story update. I think if your wallet wasn’t open by now, it never will be. What’s the point whining.


The Hidden City of Ahdashim was one of my fave secret things in GW1. Too bad I didn’t get into GW2 for raiding, in fact I was stoked when they said it wouldn’t be that.

I hope all who enjoy that sort of thing think its really awesome and I do adore that they are continuing to use old lore to make the games feel more connected now. That was SORELY missing at launch. It seemed like they were actively distancing themselves from GW1 lore and that definitely detracted from my experience even though core GW2 is one of my fave games ever.


I glossed over the title and kinda wondered why GW2 decided to name their raid “Kardashian”…