Sea of Thieves is handing out a… free Halo pirate ship, sure, why not


Did someone call for transmedia synergy? How about bizarre crossovers? If you’re a fan of both Sea of Thieves and Halo, that’s exactly what you’re getting, as last night, Rare announced a promotion that essentially plunks a Halo-themed ship into the pirate MMO-lite. It’s not a ship you asked for, but we bet it’s a ship you’ll take – free is free.

To get the ship, players need to log in this week and play in adventure or arena mode – before Sunday in British time – and then the ship will be added to your account within a few days.

The giveaway is part of Rare’s Arena festivities as promoted over the last month.

“Throughout the month, competing crews have earned more than 2.6 billion pieces of Sea Dogs silver by finding chests, sinking ships and fighting off rival crews. And there’s been a lot of fighting, with almost 40m cannonballs being fired (at an impressive hit rate of 42%), helping to send more than 700,000 ships to the bottom of the ocean and dispatching pirates to the Ferry of the Damned 5.5m times. The most active Arena player so far managed to rack up an astounding 1,413 matches in the first month, averaging just under 50 matches a day. Many other impressive records have also been set, with one player recording 6,735 kills during the month and another digging up over 4,000 chests.”

There’s a new anniversary trailer too!

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Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

Hmmm…. a free boat you say… As a self styled free boat aficionado, color me interested

Aiun Tanks

I don’t even want to play the game and the offer of a Halo-themed ship makes me want to register to get it.

My franchise enthusiasm is a pretty clear defect.

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Jack Pipsam

Forza also does some really cool crossovers with Halo.

It’s E3 time, so the different Microsoft Studios might be feeling frisky to have some fun crossover thing. They’re all about talking themselves as being a “family” and pictures of all the different studio heads together etc.

Halo coming to PC, new Halo to launch with the new Xbox next-year and it is their iconic franchise. I do like me some Halo, well, at least the Bungie ones.


A what now? That doesn’t make any sense