The Daily Grind: Are you going to play Phantasy Star Online 2 next year?

The Daily Grind: Are you going to play Phantasy Star Online 2 next year?

The surprising E3 news that Phantasy Star Online 2 was finally, finally coming to western shores in 2020 made all of our eyebrows shoot up here at Massively OP. We instantly started debating whether this would be a boon to the genre or if this seven-year-old game is too old to stir up much excitement these days.

I, for one, am glad that it is happening, as it’s been one of the most-requested imports since its 2012 Japanese debut. But will I be playing it? Probably, if only to sate my curiosity and see if this type of game is up my alley. I was too late for the original Phantasy Star Online back in the day, and that kind of bugs me.

What about you? Assuming you live in North America, are you going to play PSO2 on Steam next year? Are you excited, lukewarm, or cool toward its release here?

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Thomas Hill

Yup! I’ll be on it like flies on sh**. I played the JP version and will start fresh on the US servers. Can’t wait!!!


Hell. Yes. It’s my most-anticipated game right now. Phantasy Star as a series is really special to me, and I can’t wait to play PSO2’s Western release. My only worry at the moment is how they might implement microtransactions. (My second, more secret worry, is that they’ll use the SEA translation, though I feel like that won’t be the case.)

I’ve heard some people saying that it’s too little, too late, that PSO2 is so old now that it doesn’t matter anymore. But in a world where people desire WoW Classic, Old-School RuneScape, and CoH private servers, I don’t think the game’s age is an issue.

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I played on the JP server when it came right off beta. I remember being able to use my credit card exactly once before they blocked all foreign cards. I played it more on and off, until the direction of the game firmly turned against what I had envisioned.

All have listed their reasons, but I want to add one more: disrespect. The unreasonable delay in localization by Sega is a glaring sign of disrespect of western player, and it seems that they finally remembered to microwave the leftover food for the said audience.

No thank you and fuck off Sega. Go make this game better and go make better games and don’t do this ever again.



niizzy a

I’ll play if there is a way to transfer accounts from JP server. No way in hell I’ll just abandon 4+ years of progress.

Jeff Bye

I’ll absolutely be playing. E3 announcements have never previously excited me. This absolutely did. Played original on Dreamcast days and Original Xbox. Heck, I’ve been a member of since 2001. I had a level 180 character and spent over 3000 hours on one. Totally playing this!


No because I’ve been playing JP since 2012. Would require account transfer to justify switching.

niizzy a

Exactly this. And I think that the localization will be even more beneficial to us who plays in the JP server, if the game launches with all the content and parallel patches as promised it will be even easier to translate the game or maybe it will be as easy as a file switch like the old BNS days.


One thing I really hope for is that the FFXIV collaboration stuff manages to make it to the NA version, complete with various costumes (including some of the Jobs’ level 50 Artifact gear or whatnot) and accessories (like Miqote ears/tails) and the Odin event boss battle.

Guessing it probably won’t happen but I can still hope. Also maybe it’ll mean FFXIV actually does its end of the collaboration?


I mean… Why wouldn’t I? Free to play, and while I still find it weird to just skip the PS4 version for the West when the game itself is already on there, I can play it on the PC no problem.

The last Phantasy Star game I played was Universe and… well… Less said about it the better. Not a bad game, but boy… they just had to beat a Dreamcast game and they couldn’t really even do that! And they wanted to make it weird by trying to divorce the online component from the original game.

So new proper one? I’m happy to try it out. From what I have heard and seen, they have leaned a little more towards action so I’ll be curious how a few weapons feel… Especially the new weapons introduced into the game. I’m more impressed that they are aiming to push the game out with essentially full parity to its Eastern release. Even if there’s an already (poorly) English translation officially, that still is a lot of content for a game that has a heavy story focus of its own.


I sure in the hell am. I grew up playing the original on Dreamcast and Gamecube. Played Universe on Xbox 360. Then I played on the JP server for PSO2 for a while. So this is a definite play for me. I am so excited to see one of my favorite RPG series finally coming back to NA. I seriously cannot wait.