World of Warcraft releases details for its upcoming Arena World Championship esports season


For those of us who dare enjoy esports events, the summer has a lot to look forward to, what with The International, DreamHack, the Capcom Pro Tour, and the continuation of the Overwatch League among other events. Let’s not forget, though, that World of Warcraft has something of an esports scene as well, a reminder brought to you by the posting of a schedule and details for the upcoming Arena World Championship.

The summer season for the AWC is kicking off this Wednesday, June 12th, and will run until Sunday, August 4th, with a two-week break between Monday, June 24th, and Tuesday, July 9th. This time around, fans will be able to keep up with open bracket games every Wednesday on the GCDTV Twitch channel as well as watch Top 8 events over on Warcraft’s Twitch channel. It all leads up to the global finals, which will be decided this November at BlizzCon.

All of the salient details, including dates, times, and casters for the event, are here.


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Am I alone on this entire e-sport thing just seems like a boring concept?

I was reading that a lot of the developers are struggling to actually make money on these ventures, yet they are dumping a ton of resources into them.


I remember reading a well thought article that showed how e-sports literally tick every check-box of what makes a Ponzi scheme. I was not surprised.


While not quite an esports event, Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) is also coming up and starts June 23.

Danny Smith

Thats the place to spend your WoW resources right now Blizz, e sports!