Worlds Adrift’s final patch before sunset is now up – along with the game’s soundtrack


As if Worlds Adrift’s impending sunset situation couldn’t get worse, today the game is getting a patch. It’s the biggest patch ever for the MMO. And it comes hand-in-hand with a character wipe too – something one of our own commenters characterized as “insult atop injury.” As we noted last week, the update introduces 20 legendary engines, territory control tweaks, ship blueprint and parts adjustments, and a round of balance touches.

We still don’t know when exactly the servers will go offline for the last time, apart from the fact that it’s happening in July; Bossa said last week it would be releasing the schedule this week, but as of this writing, it’s not up yet.

A little bit of good news: The company posted the full playlist of its whole soundtrack on YouTube. MOP’s Jukebox Heroes reviewed the soundtrack at the tail end of November, finding that the soundtrack, like the game, had a “dreamlike quality” that we enjoyed.

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