Albion Online is finally getting proper character customization and mount skin flipping in Percival


Albion Online has a bunch of plans in motion right now now, so let me try to disentangle them a bit. First up, there’s a smallish patch coming today, but it’s mainly in the service of preparing for the next really big patch, Percival. Today’s update cancels items that will no longer be able to be sold via the marketplace, including things like guild-bannered warhorses being temporarily removed from the cash shop. Players will have 60 days to pick up those canceled items from the market.

If you were stymied in play during the May DDOS and latency problems, you’ll be snagging compensation today too: three days of premium time for accounts and seven days of premium for premium characters, plus some special boots. Fame has been boosted by 25% for the next week as well.

So what’s the deal with the marketplace changes? In Percival, Sandbox Interactive is aiming to update character customization and mount skins. For character, that means a sort of barber shop option as in other MMOs; base changes are free, while new hairstyles (and so on) will cost gold, and everyone will take advantage of the new character models. The mount skin system will allow players to mix and match their base mounts with the skins they’ve earned as well.

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> the new character models

I doubt they’ll be able to upgrade their “characters” even to the level of Rift (which was released 8+ years ago). Although it’s still interesting.


I know PVP games don’t get a lot of love here on MOP, but this game is a lot of fun! I’ve played it since launch and only been killed once. There is a lot of PVE content in the game if you love MMO economies.