Conan Exiles patches out an attribute exploit in the Xbox One version


So evidently there was a teeny tiny little problem with the Xbox One version of Conan Exiles where players were able to give themselves more attribute points than initially intended. As you can perhaps realize in a game with sandbox PvP, that’s a pretty big honkin’ deal, and so yesterday’s hotfix has scrubbed that away.

Unfortunately, having to fix this particular exploit has come with a couple of inconveniences. For one, every player will be seeing their attributes reset. Additionally, you’ll need to tab over to both the Attribute and Feats menus, otherwise your attributes will reset every time your character dies. This particular hotfix also comes with a beefy 60 gig file size as a result of having to update the base game you download from the Microsoft store. The devs promise that subsequent patches will be much smaller in size.

In addition to the exploit cleanse, the patch should also bring fixes for background music and fish recipes from the Dagon Dungeon. Because music and fish are important things.