E3 2019: Terraria: Journey’s End will be the game’s final update before entering maintenance mode


It’s been a long trip for the 2-D multiplayer side-scrolling exploration title Terraria, and while we don’t cover this one particularly closely, the upcoming Journey’s End update due for the title is worth mentioning as it will be the final content patch before entering what sounds like a well-supported maintenance mode.

Journey’s End is promising a lot of updates to make old things feel new or make current things feel fleshed out. Among these updates are over 800 new items to find or craft, an improvement to the game’s world generation, an in-game bestiary, quality-of-life enhancements like Block Swapping and a Void Vault, the new Master Mode difficulty level, and — most important of all — the ability to play golf. The devs are also planning on having “a handful of other surprises and features” that will be shared over the coming months.

As for what happens after the Journey’s End?

“Terraria will remain the vibrant and amazing game that it always has been! There is plenty more coming down the road for Console/Switch/Mobile (including some things we have not revealed just yet), and with the available mods – plus any future mods – on top of what is a VERY robust core game, we are confident Terraria will be trucking along for many, many years to come. Of course, we will stay involved with all of you – you make this possible, and we always enjoy hanging out.”

The devs of Re-Logic are also teasing that work will begin on their second game, though it reads quite a bit like they aren’t entirely sure what type of game that will be, or even if it will be a Terraria-like title. Of course, those who are interested will want to keep their eyes open, just don’t expect any news for a while.

Journey’s End is eyeballing a launch for sometime at the end of this year, though that can shift if things aren’t ready. For now, there’s a trailer below to see what’s in the works.

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Dug From The Earth

Played this game way way back and loved it. Had no idea content was still rolling out for it, which is pretty awesome…

… although I am rather upset that the sequel was canceled.

Кристалл Величия

Developers did a great job supporting the game through it’s life cycle so I hope they will keep doing great stuff after they say farewell to Terraria!

IronSalamander8 .

I never knew they added so much stuff. I tried it, it has good and bad, I didn’t like it as much as I thought it would. Glad they supported it so well though.

I may have to jump in again and give it a try. I can’t remember what drove me off as I bought it years ago, so maybe it’s different/fixed/easier to deal with now.


It’s JUST a 2-D Minecraft clone.


1462072642_Mezzo's Sky islet.gif
Bruno Brito

That looks beautiful.


And that is nothing compared to some of the builds people have done in this game.
Full size of this one can be seen here along with others: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/creation-compendium-42.50831/


It’s honestly crazy to think that they’ve still been working on an update for the game after all this time.

Real shame Otherworld had to be scrapped, because visually it looked pretty amazing. Wonder what Re:Logic will do next, if anything, once Terraria is finished.

Dankey Kang

It’s hard to believe that this game started off as something a (couple?) of guys knocked out way back when; but similar to minecraft, it grew to be huge. Terraria has been a ton of fun for me personally, the great music, charming graphics and two-player shenanigans are fond memories and it was well worth the tenner I paid for it.

It’d be rude not to check it out one more time for its last hurrah.


Terraria and CoH are two games I can bring up the music for in my head.

The jungle biome music especially. So funky.


Terraria has added a staggering amount of content to the game since I first played it however many years ago, at no extra cost. I will buy whatever game these guys make next because of that amount of value added without picking my pocket at every turn.


If only more big game studios had the dedication to their customers that some of these small ones do.