Gloria Victis expands warfare with new siege engines as combat sync improvements continue


It’s been a while since we last checked in with medieval-fantasy sandbox Gloria Victis, and it seems like the folks at Black Eye Games have been busy in the interim. Last we heard, the game had just introduced moveable catapults as the team focused on polishing and expanding on the title’s siege warfare systems. Since then, sieges have undergone a number of changes, including the introduction of battering rams and the addition of more features to the catapults, such as the ability to launch literal great balls of fire to confound and conflagrate enemy fortresses.

And the game’s latest patch, which went live late last week, introduced another new siege engine, the trebuchet, and focused on giving players the opportunity to show their guild pride by displaying their guild heraldry on their shields. Personal heraldry was planned to be implemented as well, but had to be postponed until next week. In addition, the patch brought even more progress on the game’s ongoing combat synchronization improvements, and although this week’s additions in that area were somewhat slim, the devs promise that next week’s update will bring “more overall improvements.” And last, but not least, players who place in the weekly rankings can now earn “unique, time-limited rewards” in the form of shiny golden skins for their gathering tools. If you want to catch up on everything Gloria Victis has been up to lately, you can read all about it in the patch notes on the game’s Steam page.

Source: Steam

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