Jagex is retooling RuneScape Mobile’s UI to be more like the desktop version


A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on RuneScape’s upcoming 2019 RuneFest and did a little double-take that RuneScape Mobile is still one of the showpieces of the event. Didn’t that already launch like last year? Turns out the answer is yes and no: The mobile version of the live game is still technically only in beta on Android as Jagex has been working on letting in more and more players since its initial release.

And that’s just part of the new dev blog Jagex posted up today. The studio says the test period has shown the company that it needs some big upgrades to the UI in order to “make the most of the influx of new players [it] will reach via the mobile platform.” Essentially, the studio seems pretty convinced that most players will play on both mobile and desktop, and not only do players not want dramatically different UIs, Jagex doesn’t want to support another mode either.

“It means that we’re going to be doing a fair bit of work to unify the UI style between Mobile and Desktop. They won’t be exactly the same, as the way players interact with the game on both platforms is different but, the closer the UI on both platforms is, the easier it is to develop content for the game and the easier it is for players to transition from mobile to desktop and vice-versa. We’re in the process of properly defining what the UI will be, but have made a few small steps towards this end. Where possible we’re going to be making changes that we feel are good for BOTH platforms where possible.”

Check it all out on the official site.

Source: Jagex
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