Temtem announces ‘huge’ alpha update, will offer pre-orders (and alpha) via Discord store

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Crowdfunded, Pokemon-inspired critter-catching MMO Temtem has been in alpha since late last year, and the folks at Crema are continuing to make great strides in bringing their vision to life — the game’s next patch, in fact, is looking to be one of the biggest yet. Slated for release on Thursday, June 13th, the Alpha 0.2 update will introduce “a whole new Island, a new set of Temtem, new battle mechanics (Gears & Traits), several unannounced new features, lots of quality of life improvements, and a million bug fixes.” While that last bit seems like it might be slightly hyperbolic, it certainly seems like the update will be a huge step toward a more polished, complete Temtem.

Unfortunately, only the game’s Kickstarter backers can currently jump into the world of Omninesia, though fans and followers have been clamoring for a way to buy into the alpha. As the devs explain in their latest Kickstarter update, the original plan was to release the aforementioned update and then open the pre-order store shortly thereafter (with alpha access being included with pre-orders), but that plan ran into some complications that prevent alpha access from being sold on Steam, through which the alpha was distributed to Kickstarter backers. Thankfully, however, the team was able to come to agreement to sell pre-orders and alpha access to new players on the Discord store “without penalizing the official release,” and it’ll be hitting Discord’s virtual shelves on June 25th. Note that these pre-orders will be available only for a limited time, however, so don’t tarry too long if you’re eager to check out Temtem ahead of its full release.

Source: Kickstarter
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After a mmo pet-games surge between 2005 and 2009, those had all but vanished almost from the mmo world for around a decade. Its nice to see a new promising pet-game being developed and adding to the diversity of possible gameplay styles in the mmo market

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Not “entirely” accurate. Only SOME of its backers currently have access. You had to be of certain tiers, which sadly did not include mine but will tommorrow :)