World of Warcraft Classic preps a weekend battleground test


At this point, WoW Classic already has been tremendously successful in recreating the same frenzy over beta testing that veterans of The Long Wait (2001-04) remember feeling. And the next stop for this deja vu nostalgia train is… Alterac Valley? Oh man, cue the memes, AFKers, and faction imbalance. It’s sure to be glorious.

Blizzard announced that on Friday, June 14th, the studio is going to be opening up a new test realm devoted to running Alterac Valley and only Alterac Valley. Players won’t be able to leave their capital cities between matches and will be locked into level 58 toons for the entire duration of the test.

The battleground test — and the temporary server that will host it — is running only for the weekend and will be shut down on Monday, June 17th. For the Hordliance!

Hungry for more thoughts on WoW Classic? Check out our Perfect Ten on ways that Blizzard could expand the server ruleset in the future.

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Is just one weekend long enough for a single Alterac Valley battle?


Wrong patch version. This isn’t that AV.