APB Reloaded’s new battle royale mode is now online after a week’s delay


Last week, APB Reloaded was gearing up for a new patch, the biggest the game had seen since Little Orbit took over last year. The patch was intended to include the APB RIOT mode’s initial beta, what was effectively a battle royale mode, along with a new weapon, a revamped in-game store and cosmetic items, and anti-cheat code.

“After nearly a year of development, the highly-anticipated APB RIOT mode will bring a new generation of gameplay to APB Reloaded with its introduction of a team-based collapsing map mode. The Beta will be live for players on PC, and offers players the ability to rank-up to earn free rewards and a new weapon skin. Larger ticket items like the RIOT Pass and the updated reward structures will be introduced with the formal launch of Season 01, but players can jump in now and share their thoughts.”

Unfortunately, the update was delayed at the last minute last week when the anti-cheat caused problems, pushing the patch off… until yesterday, when all of the component parts of the patch went live together. It’s live now! Reception so far seems pretty mixed, with some folks worst-ever-ing it, some calling it fun, and other pointing out it needs a bit of work. So, it’s an MMO.

APB itself was initially launched in 2010 as APB: All Points Bulletin but was rebranded as APB Reloaded back when GamersFirst picked it up. Little Orbit rescued the game, along with post-apoc MMO sandbox Fallen Earth, when it bought out GamersFirst last year, and it’s been developing both games ever since.

Source: Patch notes

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Bruno Brito

Man, LO can’t catch a break, can they?


I’ve been critical of APB since the purchase. I’m not a fan of what Little Orbit has done so far.

I have no interest in a BR mode, but I played with some friends last night and found one thing refreshing.

I didn’t encounter a hacker the whole evening. I can honestly say that hasn’t happened in a very very long time.

If they can get the hackers/cheaters under control they may have a shot. It’s always been the real problem with the game.


good luck little orbit’s apb team :3 i don’t play but i want to see little orbit finally getting into the swing of things already


I am not knocking the new dev team and am glad the title hasn’t disappeared. With that comment out of the way I am very saddened of what became of APB. When it first launched it had issues but it also had so much potential. When the new owners changed it to a F2P title and started their “balance” passes and game play changes they killed off the diversity and scope of game play. They eliminated the escape portion of the game play making players who were better drivers than twitch shooters obsolete. They removed some fun systems like the crash and dash robberies and witness system. In the end every mission ended with the same kill the other guys making APB just another F2P Deathmatch simulator with a nice coat of paint. Not to mention the horrible changes to vehicle mechanics.

In the original APB every vehicle had a purpose. When you added the vehicle slotting system on top of it you could do some great things. You had firm choices between cargo capacity, speed, armor, acceleration, and ramming. In the original game I kitted out a Fresno for speed sacrificing just a little armor. When I would get into a escape mission my opponents underestimated how fast it would go and I could outrun the stock sports car.

I could keep going on but I would be negligent not to mention the Pay 2 Win joker boxes.


New mode has leaked its feature (weapon dropping upon death) to the base mission mode so it’s good time to test all those (totally not p2w) premium weapons.