Blade & Soul explores the Blade Master and Kung Fu Master’s upcoming third specs


When Blade & Soul’s Empyrean Shadows update arrives on June 19th, Blade Masters and Kung Fu Masters will become even more, er, masterful with the addition of their third class specializations, and the latest dev blog from NCsoft delves into the details on the new abilities and playstyles these specializations will unlock.

The Blade Master’s third specialization is known as the Way of the Spectral Blade, and it “focuses on utilizing the Blade Master’s already-magical blades in new, ghostly ways” by allowing Blade Masters to channel the souls of Legendary Blade Masters and even conjure them from beyond the grave to fight alongside you. These ghostly allies are somewhat fickle, apparently, and if the Blade Master relies on his or her Blade Mentor too heavily, her patience will run out, temporarily locking the player out of the specialization’s unique Flock of Blades stance.

Kung Fu Masters, meanwhile, will be able to become one with nature through their Way of the Iron Claw specialization, which grants them the ability to “utilize powerful buffs and summon a powerful gauntlet to deal high amounts of damage for a small amount of time.” Oh, and also they can transform into wolves, so there’s that. The specialization’s playstyle centers around building up a resource called Titan Ire and unlocking Chakras, granting access to a new stance and bestowing useful buffs, respectively.

The new mechanics for both classes are fairly in-depth, so if you want to study up on all the details ahead of the update’s launch next week, you can check them out for yourself over on the game’s official site.

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3rd spec is only available to the Lyn. *Crosses fingers and pigtails*


Yup. I’ll be jumping right back in with my Blade Master next week. I’m curious as to why the KFM and BM are getting an additional spec and not other classes. The Destroyer would have been a better choice IMO.

Nevertheless, I have a lot of catching up to do and will enjoy doing it.

But really this is all just “filler” IMO until BnS moves to Unreal 4. Then the fun will really begin.