Destiny 2 won’t be exclusive to Steam: Bungie reveals new details about the game’s future


Following Bungie’s bombshell E3 announcement that Destiny 2 will be departing Blizzard’s client for the greener pastures of Steam — and going free-to-play in the process — on September 17th, the devs have come forward to clarify some additional details about the transition and hint at what lies in store for the future.

For starters, it appears that Steam may only be the beginning, as Destiny 2 General Manager Mark Noseworthy has revealed that the game won’t necessarily be exclusive to Valve’s platform: “[W]e do want Destiny to be a game where you can play anytime anywhere with your friends, and be able to find it in multiple places, so it’s totally conceivable that someday we’d be on the Epic Games Store and other launchers in different regions,” Noseworthy said. And that’s not all; Noseworthy has also confirmed that, in addition to the cross-save feature that will arrive with the game’s Steam launch and free-to-play transition, Bungie is also interested in implementing full-on cross-platform play, though it’s not on the immediate horizon as the devs “have a lot on [their] plate to chew through first,” he says.

With such big changes ahead for Destiny 2, many players are also wondering what new content awaits. Obviously there’s Shadowkeep, which will release alongside the Steam launch on September 17th, taking players back to the moon to take on a whole new slew of interstellar terrors, but what lies beyond 2019? According to Noseworthy and Game Director Luke Smith in a recent interview with Kotaku, that all depends on how the rest of the year pans out: “It’s hard for us right now to predict what we’re going to do in 2020, because we’re changing a bunch of stuff in 2019, and part of being a live service game is: put something out, test it, learn from it,” adding that if players like what they’re doing, they’ll keep at it, but they’re ready to change and adapt if necessary. If you want to know more about the future of Destiny 2, you can check out the whole, hour-long interview over at Kotaku.

Source: VG24/7, Kotaku
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