Fallout 76 announces double XP event following its week-long free trial


In case you’d forgotten, you can currently jump into the Appalachian wastelands of Fallout 76 and play for free until June 17th, and if you find yourself wanting more after the trial period is over, you can snag the full game for up to 50% off from the official Bethesda store for a limited time. On top of that, the devs have announced that they plan to keep the good times rolling with a new double XP event that’s set to begin next week on Thursday, June 20th, and that will run until Monday, June 24th, giving any newly arrived wasteland wanderers a good opportunity to get some levels under their belts.

The ongoing free trial period also gives players the opportunity to check out the recently announced and newly introduced Nuclear Winter battle royale game mode, which hit the live servers earlier this week alongside a whole slew of combat-system improvements. As we detailed previously, the combat improvements are pretty far-reaching, giving players faster aiming speeds, the ability to cancel weapon-switching and -holstering animations, and much more extensive settings options to add scrolling combat text, fine-tune look sensitivity, and more.

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Honestly the Nuclear Winter mode is pretty fun, and this is coming from someone who barely plays them (last time I played a BR was Realm Royale last year before they gutted the classes, never could get myself interested enough in Apex Legends). Folks like Shroud on Twitch are actually having a blast with it despite Twitch chat repeatedly trying to tell them that the game is bad and they shouldn’t be playing it. I think a big bonus for me is that because the Nuclear Winter mode gives you exp/caps for your character in Adventure it means you can play the NW mode without being too concerned that you’re making no progress in Adventure. Also being able to drop nukes mid-match is pretty cool, and the hostile wildlife that pops in will force players to reveal their cover or else use melee weapons (unless it’s something like a Scorchbeast).

Cheating is starting to pop up though so that’s going to be an issue that they’ll have to tackle, and ofc the mode is in an early/beta state so there are definitely areas they could improve it and touch up on things. Still, it’s quite fun and it seems to be appealing to both BR players and those who haven’t touched BRs before.

Also there was a thread yesterday detailing what was found out about NPCs coming to Wastelanders so far: https://dd.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/bzv58h/what_we_know_about_human_npcs_so_far/ including, of course, the ability to romance some of them.