MapleStory’s new Pathfinder class headlines the game’s summer update


Firing arrows, let’s be honest, is pretty boring. If you’re going to shoot pointy sticks at things, you need to do it with style and flair. Maybe even dark and spooky flair. That’s pretty much what the Pathfinder class looks like it’s doing, and it’s the party piece of the latest summer update to MapleStory.

According to the most recent patch notes, the Pathfinder is a Bowman class that is mesmerized by ancient relics, and spends her free time going on adventures to find them. She uses an Ancient Bow as her primary weapon and a Relic as a secondary weapon, and apparently will grow stronger once her Ancient Curse is lifted to unlock “her full potential.” The new class will be playable on Wednesday, June 26th, but players can pre-build their Pathfinder now if they so wish.

What is playable in this summer update are revamps to the Kanna class and Hayato skills, a number of job balance adjustments, a new theme dungeon, and a whole bunch of revamps to job quests, theme dungeons, dailies, and more. The update will also open up Adventure Island from now until Tuesday, August 27th, which lets players rank themselves up to earn exclusive skills and rewards.

There’s a whole lot more in the summer update, so be sure to look over the beefy patch notes or check out the synopsis video below.