Two million players are sailing the Sea of Thieves after the anniversary update


It’s simple math that a sandbox is more fun (or more stressful) the more people romping around in it, and it would seem that the sandbox of Sea of Thieves has plenty of fun to be had after its anniversary update. The game is now proudly touting two million players since the April content patch.

As one would expect, executive producer Joe Neate is pretty pleased with how things have been working out and wants to keep up the momentum, but not at the apparently unsustainable pace they’ve maintained.

“The team has done an amazing job, but these are the two pillars of our plans going forward: It’s cadence and regularity for the players, but it’s also making it so that there’s flexibility in the plan as to when some things land,” said Neate in an interview. “As long as stuff is always going out to players and we’ve got the regularity, it doesn’t matter as much when the bigger, riskier things land from a development perspective. We give ourselves that time. So that’s our commitment to our players and our commitment to our team, because we have to do both.”

source: PC Gamer

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Dug From The Earth

2 million people at once? 2 million people logging in over the course of the month?

I know tons of people logged in to get their free Halo spartan ship cosmetics and then promptly logged out. I wonder how many of these are counted towards that 2 million number.