Chronicles of Spellborn’s rogue server releases a new update and a new launcher


The rogue server for Chronicles of Spellborn has made a pretty significant update today. Not necessarily in the form of its latest bug-fixing patch, though that’s certainly nice to know, but in the form of an all-new launcher that will make keeping the emulated MMO updated a whole lot simpler.

This new launcher features automatic patching of new builds and even has a way for players to look at the latest patch notes, just like a real grown-up game launcher. This will likely be welcome news for the game’s 900 accounts and could mean those interested in checking out the game will find doing so a whole lot simpler. The latest update to Spellborn has also been released, which includes a number of bug fixes to quests and other in-game things.

What is Chronicles of Spellborn? It’s another in the ever-growing list of emulated MMO releases; specifically, a title which first released in the latter part of the year 2000 before the game was shut down and the company that released it went under. The rogue server, Spellborn Reborn, is the end result of nearly a decade of fan-made work.

source: official site via reddit

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WOW Chris! Oh my gosh I never realized Spellborn still lived!? Intriguing.


I didn’t realize there was a MMO for this. I just thought it was a single player RPG.

Joseph Meyer

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time on this server.