City of Titans drapes buildings with banners and players with capes


In a superhero MMO, what’s more important to dress: characters or buildings? The answer is, obviously, both, which is why City of Titans’ art team has been working both angles.

According to a recent (and quite short) developer post, one of the projects that has kept the team busy is working on the elements of buildings to make them more realistic. “Over the last couple of weeks, the City Structure team has been testing landmarks and moguls inside the game environment, and adding finishing touches,” the team said. “Small fixes are being made for scaling of doors, stairways and other minor adjustments, along with projections of banners and art on surfaces that are to be added features of the models in the game.”

If buildings aren’t your thing, then maybe a cape or two might spark your costume-craved imagination. The team showed off its top 10 capes that it has designed for the game so far, which you can view after the break.

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CW Eckert

One of the strangest and most entertaining things about City of Heroes has been the ability to literally run on Power Lines.

I am curious if the power lines in City of Titans will be static objects or have some kind of physics tied to them.