Lineage 2: Revolution releases new battle royale mode with its latest update


Be the last person standing. Fight against the most dangerous prey. Try to stifle your yawning. Yep, it’s battle royale, and it has arrived to Lineage 2: Revolution with the most recent update to the mobile MMOARPG.

Battle royale in Lineage 2: Revolution looks like this: Up to 25 players face off, selecting from one of four pre-built characters that start with the same level, gear, and stats. During a match, penalty zones will randomly appear that will apply debuffs to anyone silly enough to be in the area. Players can acquire unique skills by defeating NPCs and battle royale-specific buffs. Last one alive wins.

In addition to battle royale, the latest update also has login rewards, a Megakurin Web Event where players can collect stamina to evolve a Kukurin mount to receive various rewards, a bingo event where players can complete a bingo board by clearing challenges for rewards, and some summer-themed sailor costumes and a water gun weapon skin in the in-game store.

Source: Press release

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Battle Royale. Of course.