No Man’s Sky players raised so much money for a gratitude billboard that they’re giving extra to charity


It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that No Man’s Sky was in the headlines for all the bad reasons: toxicity, hacking, meltdowns, consumer deception, and so forth. Just three years – and some major goodwill patches – later and the community involved in the game is a pretty different scene.

To wit: One player sought to raise money on a GoFundMe specifically to install a billboard thanking Hello Games for the game and directing players to the subreddit. The initial goal was for $1750 to run a two-week billboard in Guildford, UK, this August. But the sub has already raised nearly twice that much, leading the players to sort out where else to spend the money.

“The billboard location has been booked, the beers have been organised but I’m actually again looking for a restaurant voucher for them. Someone mentioned that they were Domino’s connoisseurs? Is this true? Yesterday I decided that all excess funds would be used to buy games and donate them to disadvantaged/sick kids. Well today I’ve been in touch with a local special needs school who I will be donating all the games/consoles to, I’ll be posting pictures and maybe a video or two on”

Source: GoFundMe, Reddit

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